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A good web host is important since it not only helps your company establish an online presence but also helps your brand stand out from the crowd. Many users prefer Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, or VPS Hosting in today’s world since their needs are numerous and must be met as quickly as feasible. The key challenge, however, is determining which Best web hosting company is best for your needs and can significantly improve the security, performance, and accessibility of your single or multiple domain enterprises.

All you have to do to get a long-term and dependable web hosting service is look at a few of the qualities listed below and accept a hosting provider whose hosting plans vary in number and price.

1. Must Support Intuitive CPanel

CPanel is a user-friendly interface for server management and website simplification (such as focusing on the most important aspects of a website or reducing the number of pages). You must accept your web hosting provider’s recommendation to utilize an easy-to-use C-Panel (free or private edition). The advantage will be that you will be able to participate more in the ways of doing business thanks to an optimized website rather than arguing with tech support personnel. If you want to see the magic of excellent website performance handled and supported by hosting companies like EstNOC, going for a C-Panel is a realistic option.

2. Should Have Scalable Environment

A Scalable Web Hosting Environment shows that it recognizes your upgrade request. Better storage capacity, use of finest servers with vast processing power, and increased security against viruses, malware, and other online frauds are some of the services that have been upgraded. If you chose a shared hosting plan but later decide that your business wants dedicated hosting, your web hosting provider must incorporate this requirement (of yours) into your current plan. As a result, you can rest comfortably that your hosting plan is keeping up with the growing need for storage, security, and a diverse range of resources. This type of hosting transfer accurately represents scalability in real-time, but it must be done after conducting an extensive study into the opinions of experts and other experienced web hosting users. What else has to be done today to make room for your website to respond well to new market trends while scaling itself successfully in terms of revenue and performance?

3. Should Offer Strengthened Web Security

Web hosting security refers to encryption of payments, SSL certificate registration and installation, DDoS protection, and access restriction for limiting access to unknown people. I’m not sure if all of this is achievable with today’s web hosting providers! Yes, EstNOC is highly recommended when it comes to providing enhanced security for single or multiple domain websites. Apart from the above security parameters, you should look at additional such as multi-factor authentication and firewall protection, as not all web hosting plans offer all of them at all times and in all locations. With EstNOC, you won’t have to worry about the consequences of corrupted files, internet attacks, or missing folders, and you can focus on growing your business.

4. Should offer Uptime Guarantee

84.75% uptime guarantee, 94.86% uptime guarantee, 98.4% uptime guarantee, or 99.95% uptime guarantee — sounds appealing, right? Have you ever wondered what percentages mean? They describe how much potential a website has for real-time operation. As a result, the larger the uptime percentage, the better the odds of maintaining operational stability. Before you choose a web hosting plan or upgrade, double-check if the provider offers a guarantee (of uptime) of more than 99% because if this isn’t checked, the website’s performance will suffer, regardless of whether the server is low or high-density. Consider a two-hour downtime in which the market is quickly developing! Would this have an influence on your company’s sales and revenue? When uptime is extremely low, say 75–84%, a situation like this can develop. As a result, for ethical web hosting, an uptime expectation of 99% or greater is required to extract larger business yields.

5. Must Be Well-Aligned With Cost-Effective Pricing

AFFORDABLE price is critical when selecting web hosting services! If you choose pricier plans (beginning at 899 dollars per month) in the hopes of increasing your profit margins, or a low-rental hosting plan (like 1.1 dollars per month) in the hopes of saving a few pennies, it will not pay off in the long run. Rather, such options may fail to meet your hosting needs in the future, leaving you with financial issues. In this case, a cost-effective pricing plan of 25 to 50 dollars must be deemed a viable option capable of providing quality business-oriented solutions upfront. Furthermore, instead of blaming the plan’s billing cycle for slow performance and restricted processing capability of resources accessible in real-time, you can call the support team and request a refund (in line with the T&C of Refund Policy).

6. Must Not Refuse To Store Enough Items

It’s not a terrible idea to go with a web hosting company that believes insufficient storage. Rather, it demonstrates that the provider is capable of self-healing to meet your storage needs. Otherwise, your website/websites may send out a signal that there isn’t enough storage down the road. So, if your visitors require a lot of data (in the form of content or services), you’ll want to go with a hosting provider that emphasizes limitless bandwidth in their plans. When it comes to synchronizing the services or motto (with the vital as well as fundamental consumers’ requirements) that your website(s) is presenting live to its customers, the term STORAGE becomes self-explanatory.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, while choosing the best hosting plan, you should also consider that it offers Minimum Load Time; Should Promise 24*7 Customer Support; Must Incline Towards CDN; Nods Heads Towards Adding Multiple Domains. EstNOC is an Estonian web hosting company offering VPS, cloud, and dedicated server services along with colocation data center services. Contact today to know more and the best hosting services!


EstNOC OY, Parnumaa,00,Estonia


EstNOC OY, Parnumaa,00,Estonia

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