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What is Xanax (Alprazolam)

Xanax (alprazolam) is powerful and highly addictive medicine in the benzodiazepine class that pharmacists or doctors may prescribe to treat anxiety, phobias, and panic disorder. This drug was first introduced in the mid-1970s. It is the highest or most prescribed benzodiazepine in the United States and is filled with about 50 million prescriptions every year.

In fact, Xanax is prescribed twice as often as other well-known benzodiazepines such as barium, clonazepam, and Ativan. The Xanax bar comes in a variety of colors, strengths, and shapes. Read on to find out how to identify these tablets, the meaning of the different colors, and how to find fake Xanax.

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Various colors of Xanax bars

Xanax is a powerful drug with several short-term and long-lasting health effects. It is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This is because each manufacturer wishes to make their pills unique and gives them a characteristic color and shape. The color of the Xanax pill is usually due to an FDA-approved dye. It is advisable to pay attention to the different colors and shapes of Xanax (alprazolam). This helps identify suspected addictions of friends and family.

Pink Xanax bar

This is a 3 mg strength dosage form of Xanax, which is considered a high dosage. These round or oval pink tablets resemble soccer balls. This type is not widely used. Rosa alprazolam or pink Xanax is not legally available without a prescription, but many benzodiazepine addicts buy it on the street or from friends and family.

Green Xanax bar

Various pharmaceutical companies manufacture this type of drug. Each manufacturer of Xanax imprints or engraves pills with unique characteristics. Green xanax tablets are similar in strength to yellow xanax bar and white Xanax bars and usually contain 2 mg. Therefore, the effect of green tablets is the same as that of yellow and white bars.

Green tablets are offered in rectangular, triangular, oval, and circular shapes, usually in doses ranging from 2 mg to 3 mg. It is known as Green Football Xanax in the oval shape with an intensity of 1 mg. Other street names are Green Oval and Green Monster xanaxHulk Xanax is a sustained-release form with a low sedative effect.

The triangular green Xanax tablet has a strength of 3 mg, which is the strongest dose available on the market. Green xanax pills or tablets are generally considered to be stronger than white tablets. The green color of the tablets is due to the FDA-approved dye. Many users report that the green bar is the most effective. The Department of Pharmaceuticals majors manufactures green Xanax pills such as Pfizer, Actavis, Mylan, and DAVA.

Blue Xanax bar

With the exception of the 2 milligrams (mg) bar, most blue Xanax pills contain 1 mg of alprazolam. The user can halve the tablet and consume a dose of 0.5 mg. These tablets are Schedule IV regulated substances available only by prescription. A round blue Xanax bar and there uses with a strength of 1 mg is engraved with 031R by the manufacturer Actavis. The blue colors of Xanax pills come from some inactive ingredients used as fillers. These colors are food and drug administration (FDA)-approved and are safe for human consumption. Blue football Xanax gets its name from the oblong shape that is far easy to ingest.

Peach Xanax bar

It is also known as orange alprazolam; this is a low-dose drug, usually in the shape of an oval or football. Pfizer produces oval / oval xanax 0.5 mg intensity orange tablets. It is typically manufactured in doses of 0.5 mg to 2 mg and is usually prescribed for less severe pain in the body.

Yellow Xanax bar

This type of tablet is a generic drug and is sometimes numbered 039. The yellow Xanax bar has a strength of 2 mg and is as effective as the white one. The color difference is due to pills produced or manufactured by different companies. The street name of this kind of Xanax includes a yellow-colored school bus xanax because of the shape and color.

White Xanax Bar

These are rectangular white Xanax bars containing 2 milligrams of the active ingredient and go by the street name sticks. White is the most common color of medicine. Many pharmaceutical companies around the world make tablets of this color. This form of medicine provides a strong sedative effect within minutes of consumption.

The white Xanax bars are usually marked with a notch to help the user divide them into smaller pieces. Each manufacturer prints the bars individually—for example, X ANA X 2 or G3722. White tablets are available in intensities ranging from 0.25 mg to 2 mg and are also available in circles, rectangles, ovals, and pentagons.

Purple Xanax bar

Purple Xanax is a popular medicine manufactured by Pfizer. These round tablets contain 2 mg of xanax and are engraved with the name of the drug and A23. For anxiety disorders, the commonly prescribed dose is o.5 or 0.25 mg. The maximum dose is roughly equivalent to two purple alprazolam soccer balls.

Like all forms of alprazolam, this drug is for pregnant or lactating women, those with angle-closure glaucoma, those with severe liver or kidney disease, and those who are allergic to other benzodiazepines. Alprazolam is not prescribed for children and should be used with caution in older patients.

Red Xanax bar or red devil Xanax bar

Unlike the first three Xanax bars manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, the Red Devil Xanax bar is a red-colored counterfeit drug. On one side of the pill is an engraved R666 with that nickname. Each red devil pill is said to contain 5 mg of alprazolam. Red Xanax was stronger than any single Xanax available on the global illicit market at the moment or time. If a person with zero tolerance capability took it, it would likely send them to sleep for many hours. Combined or mixed with other depressants like opioids or alcohol, it could kill.


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