• November 9, 2021 8:16 am
  • Estonia

Bushes are smaller than trees and have many small, woody, bark covered stems rising from the base. Forest management professionals put stacked bush for sale along with felling waste and they also buy or purchase overgrown grass and cultivable land or overgrown felling plots that could be useful for the production of wood chips. The trees and bushes are different as the trees are more than 20 feet taller and the trunks of these trees should be more than 2 inches in diameter and should be at least 4.5 feet above the ground. The bushes are important as it prevents water and soil erosion, they are also the source for fuelwood, lumber, and poles. They are also a source for foodstuffs such as fruits, leaves, tuber shoots, and roots. Metsa ABC is one of the best companies in Estonia that provides all the services related to forests including wood chips in the form of stacked bush and felling waste. For more info please visit on Site – <a href="https:/

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