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Also known as VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server hosting, a virtual private server is very similar to a dedicated server offering almost all the benefits offered by dedicated hosting at comparatively lower VPS plans. Since the prices are comparatively lower virtual private server hosting is preferred by low to medium size businesses. Unlike a shared hosting plan, with VPS hosting one gets to choose the amount of CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth they require and these are also scalable if required.

With VPS you get to enjoy isolated resources similar to a dedicated server where you have exclusive access to the server’s resources. The biggest benefit of the VPS hosting plan is you have to pay a comparatively lower price to enjoy these advantages.

Why is VPS cost-effective?

In order to understand what makes VPS a cost-effective hosting solution, it is important to know the place of the VPS hosting servers in the hierarchy of hosting plans.

The most popular server hosting option is a shared hosting server, where multiple websites share the resources of a single server. However, in shared hosting, there are no fixed amount of resources allotted hence the performance of a website depends on other websites running on the server at the same time. Additionally, server isolation is not available with the shared hosting plan.

This does not mean that shared server hosting is a waste or is inefficient. It is the best hosting option for a startup company or small website that does not get a huge amount of traffic. However, performance and security are the big concern to prevent for even small businesses and startups, especially those who want to sell products and services online.

Another option is dedicated server hosting, which is the most powerful platform in terms of website hosting. The dedicated server offers storage and resources exclusively dedicated to your website offering the best security, reliability, and speed. The only drawback of a dedicated server hosting is the price of the server as it is quite an expensive hosting option. It also means that most of small businesses can’t afford to invest in a dedicated server.

VPS or virtual private server hosting is an option in between dedicated and shared server hosting. The uniqueness and the selling point of the VPS hosting are it offers dedicated server features at a comparatively lower price. When you compare VPS with shared hosting, it is quite expensive but is inexpensive when compared to dedicated server hosting.

Similar to a dedicated server setup, the VPS offers isolation, privacy, security, and customization. However, since a part of the single physical server is shared with multiple virtual servers, the cost is shared with multiple renters. Thus, the price of a dedicated virtual private server is shared among multiple isolated servers making VPS server hosting an extremely cost-effective hosting solution.

Let us further look for the benefits offered by the VPS hosting to emphasize our point:

Benefits of VPS that makes it worth the cost

Consistent and Predictable Performance

As mentioned earlier, the virtual private server offers a fixed amount of allotted resources to each business. These resources always are at your disposal, which means that at all times, you will know exactly how fast your website will be.

At any moment, if you feel that your website is slowing down than you want, you can add more resources based on requirements. These resources are firstly easy to add and are instantly provisioned (varies from business to business).

Fixed resources and easy scaling ensures that at all times your website will perform the same.

VPS Hosting Security

A website server’s complete isolation is a huge selling point of VPS server hosting. Without server isolation, the errors or mistakes of other websites on the same server may affect your website as well. Also, if a hacker gets access to any of the websites on the same server, they may access all of the unisolated websites on the server and can easily target them as well.

However, with VPS hosting, this is not a problem since all VPS servers have software installed known as hypervision that completely isolates each website. Hence, your business website is completely secure and no other websites can affect your website.

Additionally, a managed VPS hosting plan can be opted where you need not to worry about the server maintenance and upkeep as the hosting provider is responsible to take care of these including timely updates, installation of security patches, managing the security settings, and many more.

VPS Root Access

Root access is also possibly the biggest selling point of VPS hosting. “Root” is basically a Linux username that has access to everything on a server. You can do almost everything you want such as installing applications, changing security configurations, modifying files, deleting them, etc. This is again made possible because of hypervisor as it isolates every website and treats them as a single small server.

It means that you can do whatever you want to do within your server. System admins have enormous utilization of root access to improve the speed of your website they can modify system configurations, to better protect your website they can install important and required third-party security software, and basically, they can modify the website to the exact desired standards.

Usually, root access is reserved only to the dedicated server hosting and isn’t offered in shared hosting plans. For a smooth experience for everyone, it’s important to set a few basic rules when multiple websites are sharing a single server.

However, with VPS you have the server of your own removing all the limiting option factors, hence the hosting companies are capable of offering root access with a VPS hosting plan.


VPS hosting offers many benefits such as security, customization, speed, reliability to name a few. However, the fact that makes it a popular option is that it is cost-effective. With VPS hosting, you get almost all the features of a dedicated server hosting while paying slightly more than a standard shared hosting. Hence, considering a VPS hosting plan for your website hosting does not only improve the performance of your website but is also economical.

EstNOC is an Estonian hosting provider offering hosting services for dedicated and virtual private server in Estonia and other countries. They offer various hosting plans to choose the most suitable option based on your requirement. Contact them today to know more about their VPS and dedicated server hosting plans!


EstNOC OY, Parnumaa,86811,Estonia


EstNOC OY, Parnumaa,86811,Estonia

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