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What is Child Care?

Child care is a short-term program where a child or a group of children is supervised by caretakers or teachers in absence of a parent. 

Child care can be categorized as:

  • Childcare centers/Daycare centers
  • Creche Facilities

Your child deserves the best and needs quality education. A better environment always contributes to a child’s ability to learn, and become the best version of themselves.

The decision of placing your child in someone else’s care can be a reason for anxiety. Parents should be assured that their child is being cared for in the best way outside the family environment and can have a negative or positive impact on their child. Additionally, parents worry about the quality of care and type of facilities that exist, and which one to choose can be confusing. See home-like care for their child, because children spend major time in child care facilities. 

Kidzville Daycare in Surrey, designed to involve children in experiences that enhance language, literacy, music, movement, art, and socialization. Through play, all areas of development are fostered.

Types of Child Care

Preschool Facility

A child care provider may be a family member or friend, a nanny, or a babysitter.

Group providers are generally a small or large home daycare, with all the facilities which run a preschool or Montessori school.

Finding good child care is a tedious job but parents need to do homework, where your child can play, learn and can be taken care of in a good way.

How can you find good child care?

The foremost thing is child safety while choosing a daycare, and choosing daycare according to job timings and also it should be affordable.

Important features that parents should keep in mind while selecting ad finalizing daycare for their child:


As licensing guidelines vary by province, check that daycare is properly licensed within a given province and proper registration is done. Parents need to ensure that all care providers should be properly trained to handle emergencies and also should be equipped with first aid and CPR. Also, parents can check for references, and can talk about the care center’s safety record.

Parents should research which daycare is right for their child’s age and at what age, children attend daycare services. Explore all the options available to best suit the child, be it home setting, family home setting, or in a group center. For example, a friendly and outspoken child can do well in a group center, on the other hand, a shy kid would be more comfortable in a small, home-based center.

Parents must use their rights to know what kind of nurturing and learning programs the daycare center is offering to their children. Programs should cater to the emotional and intellectual needs of a child. Additionally, parents should be well aware that these programs fit with their family’s beliefs and values.

Trained and Certified Staff:

Make sure the child to caretaker ratio should be less and enough staff members should be available to take care of children at the center. One major concern is that children crave attention and often start to cry so caregivers must be able to provide one-on-one attention to each child if needed. Check if the staff, be it teachers, directors, or caretakers, are trained in an essential child development program and training and have a university experience as it can be tough for a child to adjust if staff changes so often.


Proper Care. 

Watch out if staff in the daycare center are compassionate, empathetic, kind, and caring with them. The best caregiver helps your child to learn, interact, and solve problems while preventing them from making any harmful choices.

Reliable and Consistent

Staff should promptly respond and must be available when needed. Care centers must be holding legal documents and written agreements outlining specific hours, holidays, and other breaks.


The one important factor in choosing a nearby location for the care center and hours must be compatible well with your schedule.

Parents can allow their children to bring something from home if the center allows it. Their favorite toy or blanket gives them a home-like feeling. Additionally, spending time with your child and making them aware of daycare is likely to increase the interest of the child to enjoy more in a child care center.

Every child is a gift of God and carries their own unique potential. At Kidzville, a Childcare in Surrey, we offer holistic education, nurturing, and care with kindness, peace, and responsibility in a careful and safe environment. 


  • Child care is a short-term program where a child or a group of children is supervised by caretakers or teachers in absence of a parent. 


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12996 60th Avenue,V3X2L5,Canada

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