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 It is important for you to upgrade to a higher server plan if you really want to have your blog get very fast growth especially when it is on a shared server. As far as shared hosting is concerned, it is definitely going to work very well for different types of websites and blogs because such websites and blogs keep receiving very less traffic initially per day. As soon as your blog starts growing with an increased traffic count, it is important for you to go through good hosting and that will definitely solve your issues of getting less traffic. Going with VPS hosting service is definitely going to be an option for you especially when you are not familiarized with the system of server management and configuration. If you feel that you do not have technical knowledge as a blogger, it is important for you to go through managed VPS hosting solution and it will be best for your blog. If you’re looking for a Virtual private server in Estonia,  you can definitely contact the platform of Estnoc.

What are the top reasons to go through managed VPS hosting for your blog?

As far as the importance of managed hosting is concerned, it’s definitely going to take care of your virtual private servers. You will not have to worry about server administration and its upkeep after that and it will ensure that you are going to get a smooth uptime of your website.

Let’s know some benefits because you want to consider a managed VPS server for your blog:

It has the capacity of offering reliable performance

Even if you are going to get a surge in your traffic, it is definitely going to be better for you and if you can get 5000 traffic, the performance will still be better and you will not have to face the slowing down of the page and poor performance. A shared server will not be a good way to keep the speed of your website in a better position and therefore it is important for you to move on from there if you really want to save yourself from frequent website downtimes. An isolated server environment and managed services will have the offer to give an uninterrupted service and you will not have to face any issues such as performance lags.

As far as an isolated VPS server is concerned, it is also able to provide dedicated resources which will further make sure that your blog is going to get sufficient bandwidth and sources which will further help in serving the increasing server requests and demands and this is definitely going to be a great move.

Improved security feature

It is possible that your blog may not contain data of great importance but everybody has a different preference as far as improved security is concerned. There is no owner of any website who doesn’t like the improved security and that becomes important when it comes to getting enough traction.  There is a possibility that your customers may start entering personal data information which can include passwords, credit card numbers, and bank details, and if you want to secure the personal information of your customers, it is important that you are away from malicious online threats and cybercriminals because they’re always there to look for the opportunity and whenever they get it, they’re just going to keep hold of the opportunity and steal the data of the people which can be very personal. As far as the VPS system is concerned, there is utmost care and precaution in this particular system and that’s what keeps the security in a great way and there is also a system of installation of necessary software, fireworks, as well as security patches, and they, are just going to guarantee great security. Your managed VPS server will have the highest possible security and that will ensure that you are going to work without an iota of worry for your website.

If you’re looking for Virtual Private Server hosting,  you can definitely contact the platform of Estnoc and it’s going to give you suggestions regarding virtual private server hosting which can really help your website perform better without the issue of security problems.


Cost-efficient services

It is great to know that managed virtual servers are definitely going to be affordable for many and they’re going to feel comfortable with its services. And you don’t need to go through expensive dedicated servers to take your website to a different level but cost-effective servers such as managed virtual servers are going to be enough for your website.

There is no requirement for you to hire professionals related to the servers to help you in going through the server management and maintenance but your hosting provider will be enough because it is able to handle the maintenance and management of your VPS server. As a blogger, you may have to go through a highly competitive rate than normal VPS hosting but you should also ensure that you go through a particular hosting that can really give long-term benefits and it should work wonderfully well for the success of your blog. The success depends on the quality of your website but it is also true that the visitors try to revisit your website only when they feel that your website opens very fast and there is a regular update on your website.

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Managed virtual servers are widespread

Different types of servers are being used to host a particular website but managed virtual servers have become widely known and people want to use them because they know that there is a good long-term effect of such services. If your website is on a good hosting platform and that platform is providing everything such as maintenance and balance, it is important for you to stick to one hosting platform. Changing hosting platforms, again and again, will not be effective for the growth of your website and one day, your visitors will also be feeling disappointed. Changing hosting can also interrupt the smooth running of your website and it will be a great impact on your blogs.

If you’re looking for a Virtual private server in Estonia,  you can definitely contact the platform of Estnoc and it’s going to be great for your blogs.


Finding a good hosting platform and going through the right server can ensure the smooth functioning of your website but getting to know about a particular good hosting platform is not an easy task and website owners need to do a little bit of research to find out which one is really going on in a great way in the current situation. If your work is primarily on your website for your blogs, you cannot risk going through any loose server which can slow down your website and decrease the interest of the website visitors. Make sure to use a good server and a good hosting platform and it will ensure that you are going to get good profits in the coming time by keeping the growth of your website in balance.


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EstNOC OY, Parnumaa,86811,Estonia

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